Sukin : Moisture Restoring Night Cream


Hi, it’s been a while since my last review, and now I want to give you my review about my (last) face cream, it’s Sukin Restoring Night Cream.

Sukin is a well-known skincare brand from Australia, it first launched at 2007 and since then, they continue to combining skin care and environmental sustainability. They known for their principal  “skincare that doesn’t cost the earth”, All of the Sukin’s product are natural, cruelty free, non GMO and vegan.


This is my first time using Sukin’s skincare, and surprisingly, I’m satisfied.

This face cream come in a dark brown glass jar. The jar size is quite bulky, so I’m usually put a few of the cream on another small and clean container, and put the jar on the refrigerator.


Sukin Moisture Restoring Night Cream’s ingredients

It’s enriched with aloe vera leaf juices, rosehip oil, avocado oil, evening primrose oil, borage oil, shea butter and many more. Since its use natural ingredients, the product only can be used until 6 month after you opened it.

The texture is a little bit heavy (and I love it), you will need some time to wait for this cream to absorb to your skin.


It came with clean white color and citrus scent. The scent will make you feel relax and cheer up at the same time.

Practically it was a night cream, but since it came in plentiful size, I’m also using it as a day cream (just don’t forget to wear a sun protection after it).

Yes, it was rich of many essential oil, so my skins will always looks oily after using it, but I never have a problem with it, since I know my skin would be well hydrated.

I’ve been using it for 6 month, and still have some of it (FYI, I’m also using it as a hand and body cream) it really eliminates dryness, my skin feel more soft and supple without any breakout or zits. It was a really good bargain for a 120ml night cream.

If you have a dehydrated skin and love a natural product, you might want to try this cream.

See you in my next review,




THAYERS Witch Hazel Rose Petal Toner


I’m so excited to try a rose theme skincare. For me the idea of using natural rose water as hydrating toner seem so amusing.

These are some skincare product with rose water ingredients that I’m interest to try.

  • Mario Badescu Facial Spray With Aloe, Herbs And Rose Water
  • Natural Pacific Real Rose Floral Toner
  • Whamisa Organic Flowers Deep Rich Essence Toner
  • Thayers Witch Hazel Rose Petal



The Ingredients

I choose Thayers because this toner is free from alcohol and contain witch hazel (Hamamelis Virginiana) extract that can reducing acne, soothing inflammation and cleaning pores. Last but not least the price is pretty affordable for a 355ml toner.

Thayers claim that their toner can help restore dehydrated skin, tightening pores, controlling oil production and many more. The witch hazel on Thayers is non-distilled to maintaining the highest level of therapeutic tannins.

The bottle was made from plastic with Thayers red cap signature. This toner scent is incredibly strong. It’s flowery and rosy with a vintage touch. Actually for me the scent is really annoying at first but after a while I’m getting used to it. (FYI, Thayers also have an “Unscented” toner)

I’m using this rose water toner after face wash and before acid. I’m using this toner with cotton swab to clean my face and decolegate area, and then I’m spraying some of it to my face and tapping it with my hand.

At my first week I feel a stinging sensation (probably it’s the effect of the witch hazel), but it didn’t make my skin burn so I keep using it.

This rose water toner is quite refreshing and hydrating, good as a PH adjuster. But for me it’s wasn’t good enough to use as a cleaning toner.

I’m using this rosewater toner in my morning and my night regime, after more than a month of using it I feel my skin pores more smooth and tight.

If you are searching for an affordable PH adjusting and hydrating toner with a touch of rose maybe you should give it a go.


Have a nice day!!!







This time I will tell you my review about The Ordinary Lactid Acid 10% + HA 2%. I’ve been using it for more than two months. But first let’s talk a little about AHA.

AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) is a well known skincare actives. Many people use skincare that containing AHA to get a better skin.

AHA works as exfoliating agent, it removes dead cells from your skin then enhances your skin abilities to absorb many important components from your skin care regime. AHA help stimulate the production of collagen in your skin, so it also could reduce fine wrinkles (but not a deep one) on your face.

In short, AHA could exfoliate, resurfacing dull skin and make the skin more softer, smoother and brighter.

There’s many types of Alpha Hydroxy Acid, you can check this article for a short information about AHA’s.

The most famous of AHA is glycolic acid, it have the smallest molecule than other acids, so it get into your skin more easily. Glycolic Acid will give more dramatic and visible results to your skin. Some top product with glycolic acid are :

  • Pixi Glow Tonic (5% glycolic acid)
  • Bravura Revitalizing Ginseng Toner (5% glycolic acid )
  • The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution
  • Drunk Elephant t.l.c Framboos Glycolic Night Serum (12% AHA blend : glycolic, tartaric, lactic and citric acid).


Then we have lactic acid, it is more gentler than glycolic acid. That’s why lactic acid effective on acne prone, dry and mature skin types. So it’s quite save for a beginner like me. Some product that also have lactic acid in their ingredients are :

  • Sunday Riley Good Genes
  • SK II Facial Treatment Clear Lotion



This Lactid Acid 10% + HA from The Ordinary come in a sleek frost glass drop bottle. It has a serum like consistency, it’s transparent with a tint orange color, and colorless when applied to the face.




The Ingredients

It contain purified tasmanian pepperberry that can reduce irritation and inflamation from exfoliation. It also have sodium hyaluronate (hyaluronate acid) that can soften your skin.

You can read more further about this product here.

I’m using a product with 10% lactic acid even though The Ordinary itself suggests a beginner like me to use 5% lactic acid for my first acid.

At first I’m diluting this 10% lactic acid with my moisturizer, it didn’t sting too much and it didn’t cause any allergic reaction, breakout or redness on my skin. Afterwards I’m confidence to use it directly to my face without diluting it first.

I’m using it on my cleaned and toned face, three drops is enough to cover my entire face and I usually wait 30 minute before I’m moving forward to my other step, such as emulsion and moisturizer. I can feel my face become warmer everytime I’m applying this lactic acid. In the morning my face will look more brighter with a smaller pore and softer skin.

Using direct acid in your skincare is such a game changer. The result is clearly visible. Shortly, it became the star of my PM routine. I’m using this lactic acid every two days, on and off for more than two months (I ussually didn’t bring it when I’m travel out of town, since the packaging is from glass).

I think this Lactid Acid 10% from The Ordinary have a good performance, worth the price and I’m surely will repurchased it in the future.

Caution :
When using AHA in your routine, your skin will be more sensitive to the sun exposure, so you have to use UVA/UVB sun protection with minimal SPF 30++ when you go outside, to prevent your skin from getting sun burn.


Will see you again on my next review!!!





Hatomugi Skin Conditioner

Sorry for a very long M. I. A. Actually I still have many things that I want to review but I need to do many many more important things❤

So here’s the review about my current favorite hydrating toner. One day I went to the drug store and saw this well known Japanese skincare product. Some of my friends have used this skin conditioner as a liquid for Chizu Saeki’s Method. I am interested to try it because the price is quite cheap for a 500ml skin conditioner.

It has a bulky bottle size. If you want to bring this product for travelling, it would be better to separated some of this into a smaller container. Me myself put some of these products into a spray bottle. While I store the rest in the refrigerator.

Hatomugi skin conditioner is a watery white color liquid. However, when applied to the face this product does not give any color to your face. When you use the skin conditioner it will feel a little bit sticky at first, but when the product was absorbed the stickiness will disappear.

This product contains Job’s tears (coix lacryma-jobi) seed plant extract where in Japan this plant known as Hatomugi. These plants have been used for medicine in Chinese and Japan. For skin, Hatomugi seed extract has a benefit for firming, hydrates and refines skin tone.


The Ingredients, yes it has paraben and alcohol probably for solvent and preservative

I’ve been tried various ways to use this product.

1. Patting it directly to my cleaned face. It’s quite difficult for me since the product very watery.

2. Spraying it onto the face using a spray bottle, then patting it with my clean hand. I usually spray this on the face, wait for it to dry and then spray it again on the face as a second layer to get enough moisture, then pat pat pat it with my hands. For me this is the most effective way to use it. When the air feels really dry I’m using this skin conditioner up to five layers (Oh, you think it’s too much? Well, Korean girls do a seven skin method, fyi. And they have a really good skin, tbh.)

3. Swapping this skin conditioner to my face with a cotton swab.

4. Using it with Chizu Saeki’s Method. I usually dilute the cotton with this product then put the cotton on my face and let my skin absorb the goodness for 3-5 minutes only. I love to do CSM, especially after I have a very long day working, travelling or every time after I’m using make up. It was good for rejuvenate your tired skin. (Fyi, If you didn’t want to use skincare for CSM you can use natural rose water, homemade green tea water or even unrefined apple cider vinegar, as long as you understand what your skin really need).

After almost 3 months using this skin conditioner on my AM and PM routine (and still have some of it, Duh..). Now my skin is more supple, clean and can absorb other skincare products better.

Of course since it’s just a hydrating toner you might want to add serum or moisturizer after it to boost more moisture to your skin.

This product does not cause a breakout in my sensitive dry face. It has a good price and can be found easily in your drugstore.

I would like to buy this skin conditioner again but…. I have another hydrating toner on my wish list that I really want to try…

See you on my next review!!





I have been using this essence since this May, and there is nothing to complaint about this product. Since I live in a place where the weather is often blazing hot and very dry, I feel the need for adding extra hydration to my skin care. That’s why I added essence to my routine.


The Ingredients

The Galactomyces essence from Cosrx contains 95% of Galactomyces ferment filtrate. Galactomyces is a quite popular component in Korean and Japanese skincare. Galactomyces ferment filtrate is claimed to be very effective to moisturize, brighten skin tone, improve skin elasticity and reduce acne. See more about Galactomyces ferment filtrate here .

As another advantages, this product also contains Niacinamide that can brighten and reduce the appearance of acne. You can read here about niacinamide

Cosrx says this essence can double functions as whitening and anti-wrinkle product.

This essence comes in a sleek pump bottle with a simple packaging. The texture of the essence is watery but slightly thick, it also colorless and odorless.

This essence can be used at your day and night routine. However, because I’m using vitamin C at my night routine (this product contains Niacinamide, and Niacinamide should not be used together with vitamin C), then I only use this product in my morning routine.

I’m using this product after the toner step, before I’m using my serum and my face cream. I’m usually use this essence quite generous for my cheeks and my forehead area. I’m rubbing three or four pump of this essence to my face then pat it slowly with my fingers. I wait just a few minutes for this product to sink in before proceeding to the next stage of my skincare routine. If the weather feels very dry and my skin needs more hydration, I’m usually using two layers of this essence.

The change that I feel since I’m using this product is, now my skin feels more supple and plump, this essence is also get along with my retinoid and the combination of those two are really helpful in treating acne due to breakouts or hormonal acne.

This essence also make my face looks more bright and healthy, but it’s not whitening my skin, which is still okay for me because whiten my skin never be my concern after all.

So, If you want to add a layer of moisture in your skin that is also can brightening and refreshing your appearance, reducing your acne scars appearance, with a friendly budget, this product is the right choice.





NIVEA Make Up Clear Micellar Water


For this review, I will make it short and clear.

One day I really need micellar water. I’m living quite far from the city, in urgent condition and I only can find this micellar water on my department store. This product doesn’t contain alcohol, paraben or perfume, so I thought “Hey, what could go wrong?”


The Ingredients

I think this product is quite good for cleaning the dirt or make up. But I’m not recommending you to use this as a solo cleaner, because this micellar water can’t clean up a heavy makeup, especially eye makeup. So you still have to wash your face after you using it.

Sadly, this product doesn’t compatible for my skin, I always feel itchy every time I’m using it. I didn’t have acne prone skin, but after I’m using this micellar water some pimples start coming out one by one at my chin and nose area. The breakout is really bad, the pimples are itchy and it looks bright red.

I’m stop using this product for a while and my skin behaving nicely. But when I’m trying to using this micellar water again, another red pimple emerges on my face. So that’ it, I know this micellar water is not suitable with my skin. I’m using the rest of the product for cleaning my décolletage area.

I’m not satisfied but if you didn’t have a sensitive skin, on the traveling and need micellar water in a cheap price maybe you should give it a go.

And now I will be busy with Tretinoin for treating my acne, LOL



The Ordinary Vitamin C Suspension 23% review


I’m adding vitamin C on my skin care routine to help me treat my dull skin. There are so many benefits from using vit.C topically on the skin. As we know vit.C have antioxidant properties, so it can help you to combat pollution impact, evening out your skin tone, make your skin smoother and firmer.


The Ingredients

From so many option of vit.C serum, I’m choosing this suspension form The Ordinary. First of course because it extremely cheap and it contains large enough L Ascorbic Acid percentage (23%), so I hope the product quite potent to delivered a fast result. This suspension also water-free so it should be more stable than other serum.

The Ordinary is the new brand from cosmetic and skincare company namely Deciem, who also produce Niod and Hylamide brand. The Ordinary known for producing simple and effective skincare, with affordable price by cutting the unnecessary scent and using simple packaging without sacrificing the technologies. Besides that this brand’s product also cruelty free and vegan.

here and also here are what The Ordinary said about their Vitamin C range.

This vit. C suspension have a matte tube sleek container, we can’t see what’s inside the tube which is for me it’s a good thing for vit.C product packaging, since LAA is very sensitive to heat and sunlight.


Its kind a look like glue

This suspension has a thick liquid form with a white color. It has very tiny LAA granules which left a gritty feeling at the face after it getting dry. Some people said this vit C suspension smell too chemical, but for me the smell is similar with the vit C tablet and the smell are still bearable. Although this suspension is oil-free but it feels like its forming an oil layer at my face.

I’m using this vit C, only on my PM routine, after I’m washing my face and using my toner. After I’m using this suspension I’m usually wait for 30 minute before I’m using my next step.

I’m using this product every night without diluting it with other skin care. I’m experience stinging sensation at the first two week, but the stinging only last for 10-15 minutes and didn’t make my face red or itchy, so I keep using it. Actually I’m kind of enjoying the tingling sensation because it means my vitamin C are still stable, yeay!

I have seen the results of using this product since the very first week. My skin texture is become smoother every time I’m using it, moreover now my skin tone getting brighter and more evenly.

Its also really worth the price for 30 ml suspension, since after more than a month I still have some LAA left on the tube. YES!!! I’m definitely will repurchased it and I can’t wait to try another product from The Ordinary.

See you on my next review.





Vit.C product usually really sensitive. If it exposed to direct sunlight, heat, water or air, it could oxidize easily. So be sure to put your vit.C serum rightly. I myself put this vit.C suspension at the fridge to keep it stable so I can use it for a long time.

Innisfree Green Tea Moisture Cream


I think I need to write about this Innisfree cream immediately before I run out of it.

I read couple of reviews that said this cream is quite thick. Because my skin is very dry due to dehydration, I’m hoping this natural cream can give enough moisture for my skin.

This cream is actually the last step of the Innisfree Jeju Green Tea Series. This series is made by Innisfree for moisturize the skin. Jeju’s green tea is considered able to deeply hydrate and recharge our skin, responsible in creating a soft, supple and well hydrated skin.

Innisfree claimed their self as the first natural brand from Korea. This cream is free from parabens, synthetic colorants, mineral oil, animal originated ingredients and urea. The writing in this cream’s box is also printed with soy ink.


The ingredients

The container of this cream is a plastic jar with lid, and it didn’t come with a spatula. So to maintain the hygiene you’ll need to wear a clean spatula from another product or you can also use cotton bud to take the product out.
This cream has a white opaque color, it’s pretty thick and a little should goes along the way. It has a fascinating green tea scent but the smell isn’t bothering.

When applied to the face this cream is not immediately absorb to the skin, it was more like making a layer of moisture in the face. My face would feel so dampened but also looks oily (especially in my nose), even when I’m only use a very little of it.

I’m using this product on my AM and PM regime, as an occlusive, to seal every product I’m using ahead. For AM I’m only applied it very thin after I’m using face essence. But for PM I’m use very generous amount of the cream for my cheeks and forehead area.

After more than a month using this cream, my skin in the cheeks area feel softer. Probably because this cream boosting the other product’s work. Although this cream is thick, it doesn’t give me comedo or breaking me out. But I think if use single, this cream wouldn’t hydrate my skin enough. Maybe I need to buy a whole product of the series to really feel the hydrating result? Anyway the price is quite cheap for a face cream, and for me 50 ml maybe could last for two months.

If you need a relaxing and natural occlusive cream for your evening skincare I think you should try this cream.



Cosrx AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner


I’m interest to have this product because I need a light face toner for helping me clean the residue and the dirt that stay remains in the skin even after I wash my face. Except that, this toner has a very short ingredient list and doesn’t contain alcohol denat or paraben.


The toner case is a plastic spray bottle, its pretty much handy for traveling

I don’t think I need to tell you a story about Cosrx, but if you really miss the hype then here’s a very short intro about Cosrx.

Cosrx is a South Korean skincare brand that well known for its minimal, natural and functional ingredients. They believe at beauty in simplicity, simple ingredients and also simple packaging.




This toner contains Pyrus Malus (apple) water. The ingredient is a natural AHA (Alpha Hidroxy Acid), it promises to exfoliate your skin without giving you irritation. Cosrx said that their AHA/ BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner can help you prevent whiteheads, blackheads and blemishes. It also can be use daily for your morning and evening skincare.


I’m using it after I washed my face with a face wash. First I’m going to spray it on a thin cotton pad, then swap it all over my face and neck. I’ll repeat this step until there’s no more dirt left on my cotton pad. Then I pat the toner with my hand to some troublesome area at my face, such as my t-zone. This toner has a watery consistency, but I’m usually waited for a couple minutes before applying my next skincare.

For the first two week, I’m using it for my AM/PM skincare regimes. Then until now I only use it for my PM regime, as a PH adjusting toner before I’m using my vitamin c solution.

In the early use of this toner (it was the 3rd day if I’m not mistaken) I’m experience a little purging. There some tiny zits that appears at my chin. But I keep using this toner and pat the zits with the toner, the zits then getting dry and completely gone.

I also have a whitehead that lay pretty deep in my nose since long ago, one day the white head getting dry; it comes out by itself and my nose getting cleaner.

My face feels fresh and looks cleaner every time I’m finish using this toner. It really does it words for prevent blackheads and whiteheads.

Since the AHA/BHA percentage is pretty low in this toner, to be honest, it doesn’t really do much on exfoliating or revive those big pores on my face. But the price is really a good deal, I’m using it for more than a month and (as you can see in the picture) I’m still having some toner left. I think, for my face, one bottle will be enough for two months usage.

It’s perfect for you who search a mild AHA/BHA toner for cleaning whiteheads and blackheads, it can be used as a PH adjusting toner and it also a good introducing product for using acid at affordable price.

Well, in short, I’m pretty satisfied with the toner and probably will repurchase it in the future.






Hi, I think before I’m starting to review any skincare, it would be best for me to write some introduction about how my skin is.

I used to be the kind of woman who didn’t like to wearing skincare. I didn’t have much time for wearing it and I thought wearing layers of skincare is tiresome. Long before, I’m usually bought many skincare products but I ended up just using it only for a couple times.

Until a few months ago I’m challenge myself to use skincare again. At first I plan to use it devoutly for one month only (unless if the skincare breaks me out). Surprisingly, after one month I’m getting to loved wearing skincare, and it became my new habit until now.

I have a combination type skin, my cheeks area is very dry, but my nose and forehead sometimes get oily, although not too much. I don’t have acne prone skin, but I have one or two acne on my period time. My face has a dull complexion, big pores and rough surface.

The skin on my neck is very sensitive and dry. I have severe dermatitis on my neck due to an allergic, asthma and dehydration. The skin on my neck is so easy to get itch and feeling burn.

For now on, I’m just trying to find a correct skincare that can hydrate and rejuvenate my skin surface and also revive my complexions. I want to keep my skincare regime to be simple yet potent.

How do I review a skincare product?

I think skincare review is more complicated than a make-up review. It takes a long time to really feel the result. I’m giving my skincare product 1 month trial before I’m review about it. But don’t worry, if the skincare break me out, making my face dry, red, itchy, give me bumps or acne, or make my face feel burns, I would stop using it immediately.

See you on my first review.