Hi, I think before I’m starting to review any skincare, it would be best for me to write some introduction about how my skin is.

I used to be the kind of woman who didn’t like to wearing skincare. I didn’t have much time for wearing it and I thought wearing layers of skincare is tiresome. Long before, I’m usually bought many skincare products but I ended up just using it only for a couple times.

Until a few months ago I’m challenge myself to use skincare again. At first I plan to use it devoutly for one month only (unless if the skincare breaks me out). Surprisingly, after one month I’m getting to loved wearing skincare, and it became my new habit until now.

I have a combination type skin, my cheeks area is very dry, but my nose and forehead sometimes get oily, although not too much. I don’t have acne prone skin, but I have one or two acne on my period time. My face has a dull complexion, big pores and rough surface.

The skin on my neck is very sensitive and dry. I have severe dermatitis on my neck due to an allergic, asthma and dehydration. The skin on my neck is so easy to get itch and feeling burn.

For now on, I’m just trying to find a correct skincare that can hydrate and rejuvenate my skin surface and also revive my complexions. I want to keep my skincare regime to be simple yet potent.

How do I review a skincare product?

I think skincare review is more complicated than a make-up review. It takes a long time to really feel the result. I’m giving my skincare product 1 month trial before I’m review about it. But don’t worry, if the skincare break me out, making my face dry, red, itchy, give me bumps or acne, or make my face feel burns, I would stop using it immediately.

See you on my first review.







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