Innisfree Green Tea Moisture Cream


I think I need to write about this Innisfree cream immediately before I run out of it.

I read couple of reviews that said this cream is quite thick. Because my skin is very dry due to dehydration, I’m hoping this natural cream can give enough moisture for my skin.

This cream is actually the last step of the Innisfree Jeju Green Tea Series. This series is made by Innisfree for moisturize the skin. Jeju’s green tea is considered able to deeply hydrate and recharge our skin, responsible in creating a soft, supple and well hydrated skin.

Innisfree claimed their self as the first natural brand from Korea. This cream is free from parabens, synthetic colorants, mineral oil, animal originated ingredients and urea. The writing in this cream’s box is also printed with soy ink.


The ingredients

The container of this cream is a plastic jar with lid, and it didn’t come with a spatula. So to maintain the hygiene you’ll need to wear a clean spatula from another product or you can also use cotton bud to take the product out.
This cream has a white opaque color, it’s pretty thick and a little should goes along the way. It has a fascinating green tea scent but the smell isn’t bothering.

When applied to the face this cream is not immediately absorb to the skin, it was more like making a layer of moisture in the face. My face would feel so dampened but also looks oily (especially in my nose), even when I’m only use a very little of it.

I’m using this product on my AM and PM regime, as an occlusive, to seal every product I’m using ahead. For AM I’m only applied it very thin after I’m using face essence. But for PM I’m use very generous amount of the cream for my cheeks and forehead area.

After more than a month using this cream, my skin in the cheeks area feel softer. Probably because this cream boosting the other product’s work. Although this cream is thick, it doesn’t give me comedo or breaking me out. But I think if use single, this cream wouldn’t hydrate my skin enough. Maybe I need to buy a whole product of the series to really feel the hydrating result? Anyway the price is quite cheap for a face cream, and for me 50 ml maybe could last for two months.

If you need a relaxing and natural occlusive cream for your evening skincare I think you should try this cream.




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