The Ordinary Vitamin C Suspension 23% review


I’m adding vitamin C on my skin care routine to help me treat my dull skin. There are so many benefits from using vit.C topically on the skin. As we know vit.C have antioxidant properties, so it can help you to combat pollution impact, evening out your skin tone, make your skin smoother and firmer.


The Ingredients

From so many option of vit.C serum, I’m choosing this suspension form The Ordinary. First of course because it extremely cheap and it contains large enough L Ascorbic Acid percentage (23%), so I hope the product quite potent to delivered a fast result. This suspension also water-free so it should be more stable than other serum.

The Ordinary is the new brand from cosmetic and skincare company namely Deciem, who also produce Niod and Hylamide brand. The Ordinary known for producing simple and effective skincare, with affordable price by cutting the unnecessary scent and using simple packaging without sacrificing the technologies. Besides that this brand’s product also cruelty free and vegan.

here and also here are what The Ordinary said about their Vitamin C range.

This vit. C suspension have a matte tube sleek container, we can’t see what’s inside the tube which is for me it’s a good thing for vit.C product packaging, since LAA is very sensitive to heat and sunlight.


Its kind a look like glue

This suspension has a thick liquid form with a white color. It has very tiny LAA granules which left a gritty feeling at the face after it getting dry. Some people said this vit C suspension smell too chemical, but for me the smell is similar with the vit C tablet and the smell are still bearable. Although this suspension is oil-free but it feels like its forming an oil layer at my face.

I’m using this vit C, only on my PM routine, after I’m washing my face and using my toner. After I’m using this suspension I’m usually wait for 30 minute before I’m using my next step.

I’m using this product every night without diluting it with other skin care. I’m experience stinging sensation at the first two week, but the stinging only last for 10-15 minutes and didn’t make my face red or itchy, so I keep using it. Actually I’m kind of enjoying the tingling sensation because it means my vitamin C are still stable, yeay!

I have seen the results of using this product since the very first week. My skin texture is become smoother every time I’m using it, moreover now my skin tone getting brighter and more evenly.

Its also really worth the price for 30 ml suspension, since after more than a month I still have some LAA left on the tube. YES!!! I’m definitely will repurchased it and I can’t wait to try another product from The Ordinary.

See you on my next review.





Vit.C product usually really sensitive. If it exposed to direct sunlight, heat, water or air, it could oxidize easily. So be sure to put your vit.C serum rightly. I myself put this vit.C suspension at the fridge to keep it stable so I can use it for a long time.


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